Journey form Training to Trainer : As Light of Hope Continues



                      Energy has been one of the basic requirement of human beings. The traditional use of fossil fuel is gradually shifting with advent of cleaner and greener technology. And change in people perception and consciousness about climate impacts, global warming and green house effects. RAN (Robotics Association Nepal) is one of Nepal’s best institutions trying to promote technology for generating holistic relation between machine and human.

                             The #LIGHTOFHOPE is audacious project initiated by RAN with agenda to connect rural livelihood to basic energy use like lighting and charging system. The process is to connect rural and earthquake affected area to primary energy use. The deprivation of energy & energy crunch is not only hampering economic activities but education of students. So #lightofhope aims to bring back hope to people to re-start life. Everything is broken but there stands only hope that things will get better. #LightofHope tires to embolden resilience, empathy and provide strength to return to normal living for Nepalese people who are beyond electric grid connection.

                                The Shree Nawalpur Secondary School was place for solar training and distribution. The place being in vicinity of Melamchi, still lacked proper road and electric connection. The event was already planned and well arranged by local partner YUWA Nepal. Primary task was to train ninety student, equip them for repair & maintenance, and distribute 5W solar system with light and charging system. We could see curious, energetic and bold ninety students, school authority, local experts being in school. We were really glad despite public holiday of Saturday people were kind enough to show up. The main objective was to give introduction about renewable energy, detail about solar system, component of solar system, repair & maintenance and about how solar can good business opportunity.

                                      Personally there is great difference in being with the crowd and handling the crowd. Being in training helped me to learn and nurture self. I was always obliged and felt privileged to get such opportunities. This was time to pay back or simply spread good vibes for others. I tried as much as being basic about facts and in mean time holistic. The major point I was careful not to let voids between by talks and student listening. The sessions was quite interactive, reaching student asking them and they asking back their queries. I was able to reach their psyche to some extent inspire them to lead from grass root. It was amazing to teach, hear, learn and share among students. The latter solar as business opportunities was carried out by Binod Pangeni. This session was especially designed to promote business opportunities that can or comes with solar technology. The main idea behind this was to encourage student to find solution within country and to remind them there are possibilities as well as potentialities developing country and making money in Nepal.

                                                    The journey to and fro Sindhupalchowk was full of fun. It was great conversation with fellow travelers local resident Aunt who rose my curiosity about place, her experience after earthquake, how grateful she was to have young people like us helping them, the hardship they have been through, hope & resilience they had despite their homes were completely turned down, her future dream to rebuilt house. Thanks to volunteers from Australia and Germany for being here selflessly to be part of re-construction. It was great to catch up with you guys. Oh! Driver dai, your story and reasoning and loud music system made us inexhaustible throughout travel. It simply helped us to be cheerful. Many many thanks to Bikash Gurung dai for providing wonderful opportunity to actually go to different part and shade some knowledge I had. It was great to reach people in local level and empower them. #LightofHope continues for adding hope for rural livelihood and re-construction after earthquake, shading light raising people’s aspiration.


About Robotics Association Nepal.

Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN), is not-for-profit, non-governmental organization which is continuously working in the field of robotics and electronics automation since its establishment (2010). Each year we celebrate festival of art, science and technology “Yantra”. Robotics Association of Nepal has built a network of students RAN Representatives (RR).


Light of Hope: Nepal Earthquake Relief Program

Part 2: Solar Power Training and Distribution at Nuwakot11755164_1026813984004988_8875399286803849298_n

             The climate was cool and calm. Not a typical day of monsoon either with scorching sun nor with downpour. We were enthusiastically packing resources for distribution by gathering at 6:00 a.m in RAN building with team of energetic and motivated trainers. Those who were determined to deliver training and distribution of panel in Nuwakot. After arduous ride of micro bus we reached Nuwakot. The village was almost converted into ruined by earthquake leaving people desperate for daily needs. Most of people had temporary shelter and trying to normalize daily activities. The local distribution partner of Light of Hope had already determined location of training and points of distribution.

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          People were informed before hand about d-day so we could feel curiosity and eagerness on their face to know presence of us. The event was scheduled to be conducted in school premises. The building was full of cracks still we could see the student of graduate level reading tuitions from teacher. Infrequent electric supply and broken structure of house had completely jeopardize education of students. Our light of hope was counter for this infrequent electric supply.

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                          The training session was to clear basics about solar technology, use, repair and durability. The first sessions was about technology aspects followed by business potential on solar technology. The solar power was distributed on two location. The first was school where we conducted training and distribution for representative of four V.D.C’s (Raluga, Kharanitar, Sundaradevi and Thaprek )and remaining was supposed to be distributed at Samundratar & Betini V.D.Cs. Actually plan was to go along people who come from various V.D.Cs and demonstrate them in their own V.D.Cs but due to limited time we were unable to as planned.

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            The uphill, mud lagged, landslides made our journey to halt at various location. Even we had to walk few distance with heavy solar panel systems on our shoulder to reach distribution point. It was hell of experience and amazing journey to be on field and change life of people how subtle it may be.

           For me personally as engineer this was first humanitarian effort done on personal level. The credit goes to Bikash Gurung (Project Co-Ordinator of Light of Hope ) and Ghampower Technology who made us able trainer about solar systems, RAN for providing platform to nurture budding engineer to add and utilize our talent and skill. Last but not least kudos to efforts for our local distribution partner Lamichne Partisthan for providing local ground for making training and distribution effective by gathering needy and affected people.


                                                                  Team for Training and Distribution