Small World : Big Dream

                         Have you ever felt so lonely and desperate you forgot your own existence. You are over drive of your consciousness. You are blind on broad day light. Your face is sadden, engulfed with past memory and fear of future. Your foots are numb, soul has departed body only remains of physical meat that resembles nothing but void inside void. The person who you cared seems distant apart, only closely tied manacles hold your hands and legs tied so much you cannot escape your past and anxiety of future brings you goosebumps.

                Life has not been so hard for you but it is now. Out of sudden your hope which guided you throughout life seems distance far above horizon. There you are in midst of winter bare, desolate, naked in icy cold evening but you do not feel a thing. You are burned inside out. Your hopes could not shape into reality, your dreams just were good enough to be dream, love even you could not get near to it, only gloomy thoughts and fear of loneliness hurts you. You are so afraid of being abused you stop being you. You are afraid people will use you, exploit when they need and trash you to rotten land where none believes and respect you. Look what you have made of yourself where is your dignity, where is your individuality. You are running away from yourself, when you will understand you need to fight for what you believe. Every thing is temporary when you will understand this, once you used to believe in self, you are the person who taught and talked with us about “ Hope”, today you are one who needs it much then entire world. Leave it if entire world is burning today, but don’t let external fire destroy you.

              The fire inside you is burning with greater flame then outside. Do not dare to extinguish it, give direction, give wings to your dream. You are one who’s dream makes this world smaller, you are one whose thoughts does time travel. Do not let inner vibes to get eroded. Life ain’t sunshine always, you need to go on other side of world face challenges, learn things, let go of people who drag you. Believe it or not those person who were not with you in hard times do not deserve to be with you in your good times. Be right, do not stay back let whole world know you are determined and motivated enough even odds are against you, you need to pull all your strength and hit it hard. This is called living. To tell story you should be good enough to make a one.

                                       Cheers. Live and Let other do the same.


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