War of Words : A Fire within

                           Not everything is supposed to become beautiful and long-lasting. When things go wrong and when people turn against you and walk away without any reason, it has nothing to do with you. It is because they have already served their purpose in your life, they’ll only hinder you in your next level. Not everyone is going to stay forever in your life. So, thank them for what they have given you, let them go and keep moving. Greater things are yet to come.

                         Now, I know everything in life happens for a reason. I try to help everyone around me and care about them. I help them without any strings attached. I help because I know what it feels like without getting help. I know how it feels like to speak and not be heard. I know the value of everything in life. Everything surely happens for a reason. You might not realize it today, but you’ll surely understand it one day. Just wait for that day and keep moving.

                             Some take me as granted, some fake to make things but I help them tirelessly. Not expecting rewards or recognition but feeling sense of joy bringing happiness on them. I feel being used but I prefer to take it in other way being useful standing out for them in the crowds. Holding them when world betrayed and left in desolation. I often wonder if there is someone behind me who cares me, wonders what make this person happy. I can just speculate.

Date: 22/03/2016


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