Youth in Solid Waste Management : One day Empowerment Training

                           April 2 2016, Youths are slowing not only evolving as leaders of tomorrow but in various participatory level representing others like them or raising voice for self. The youths have greatest population in Nepal as compared to other children and old people. So there involvement is necessary in each and every level. Solid waste is no new topic in Nepal while millions of rupees are expended from central level to regular fee submitted to local waste mangers still problem of mismanagement continues. There is hierarchal problem from local to highest level authorities.

                           The Nepal Science Olympiad in association with SWMTSC & MoFALD and other organization conduct first kind of one day empowerment seminar on solid waste management targeting youth. As youth can change self the way they view life, and bring changes on perception on people’s life. They will not only change self behavior but will also act to bring changes in their house to society. The experts provided wonderful sessions with great interaction among audience. The major highlight of seminar are:

 Ice Breaker Documentary – Smoke

                                   The documentary entails growing concerns generated by increment of smoke. The negative impacts brought up by smoking cigarettes, burning hays, wastes of home, smoke from industry and factories and other source on human healths. The Maha Jodi were at best providing fun as well as wonderful message which was quite engaging to audience.

Introduction to Solid waste and its management

                                   The session explained about what is solid waste. What are the sources of air pollution? (waste burning, cooking, vehicles, brick klin). Types of pollutants: Gaseous and Particulate. Three types of participatory as such Interested on research of waste, Interested on Entrepreneurship development via waste, Interested on fulfilling responsibility in waste management. The various process of segregation of waste as biodegradable and non-biodegradable were discussed. Accordingly various ways for their management and changing into usable solution were provided. The importance of 3R was emphasized.

Solid Waste Management and Works done by SWMTSC & MoFALD

                        The sessions highlighted about less generation of waste. The works done by various municipalities for waste management was discussed. The various initiative taken by SWMTSC & MoFALD to combat waste and waste management was shared among audience. The use of various bins for composting, separation of waste for their end value generation kept all engaging in event.

Zero Waste Concept

                        The session talked about new approach of waste handling and resource management. The waste handling ways like dumping, centralized mixed waste composting, burning, landfilling was criticized for their inefficient waste handling ways.The 3E (Efficiency, Economy & Ethics) and 5R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Repair & Reject) were discussed in details. The initiative about clean Himalayas from Ladkha to Bhutan was provided.

Vermi – Composting

                         The session provided details about vermi composting. The use of various types of earthworm for composting was provided. The various process about vermi composting was provided along with in hand learning. The session was very fruitful as it provided impromptu ways for vermi composting.

My Learning

        I learned waste is not waste until it is wasted. There are very genius ways of generation of values of waste. Waste management can be encouraged as business. Not only government institutions but also private organization be part of waste management. Simple logic and creativity can bring alot of change waste management in home. The change has to start and it must be from self. I pledge for my active participation for waste management in home as well as my community.

                        Thank you Nepal Science Olympiad and SWMTSC & MoFALD for providing such wonderful opportunity to be in the event and learn a lot of things about solid waste and solid waste management.

Location: Pragya Bhawan, Kamaladi, Kathmandu


For more information visit: Nepal Science Olympiad 


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