Winter is Coming


                   The never ending political mess and wrangling over newly made constitutions, further surrounding fuel shortage in Nepal. The accessibility and mobility of Nepal bound cargos are struck around boarder due to blockade or no blockade by India has deep impacts on ongoing re-construction aftermath of earthquake. There is severe crisis for thousands of earthquake victims living in higher Himalayas of Nepal.


                Winter is coming and people have no real shelter to stay in.

                 Near about one lakh people will be out of reach once snowfall sets in. Hardly within one month winter will heighten its impact on Himalayas and high hills. Across plains protest by ethnic groups near Indian borders over dissatisfaction over newly drafted drafted constitutions and unofficial support by Indian authorities resulted in pile up of supply trucks from India leading to a severe fuel shortage in the country.

               The situation will be worse where temperature drops below zero, supplies reach on such location through combination of off road vehicles, porters and mules. Survivors face the prospect of a winter in open tents. The promised goods and logistics by various organization could not be kept. We are in full swing to end up in double humanitarian crisis. The fuel crisis has pushed up cost of distributing and transporting reliefs for NGO’s. The support comes up with deadline, if we do not finish within duration, we need to find another funding source. It’s the same story for all the NGO’s.

                    The construction of permanent shelter has been badly disturbed by unavailability of cement, sand and construction materials. The fuel crisis has severe economic and social impacts on the slowly recovering affected families. The prioritizing of highway bound vehicle for festivities lead to complete shutdown of re-construction works.


                       The fuel crisis is not only concern at moment. The agenda of recovery and re-construction seems to be sidelined due to crisis. According to UN 80% of goods were to be supplied to quake victims are struck in ware houses because of fuel shortage. The National Reconstruction authority still remains in limbo as the bill is yet to be passed. The concern of international community to pass bill does not seem urgency for present government.

                  The Oli government needs to prioritize pending construction. Moreover many victims will suffer winter if they do not have access to proper supplies of food, medicines, blankets and warm clothes and other necessities. Thus government needs to co-ordinate with humanitarian organization and make sure that relief supplies reach at high altitude areas before road gets blocked after first snowfall. Winter is approaching and time is running out with every drop in temperature, so government really needs to pull up its resources and go to work.

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2 thoughts on “Winter is Coming

  1. Yah we had just overcame humanitarian crisis by #NepalEarthquake2015. Our economy was slowly reviving and re-construction was in way. But now we are in another humanitarian crisis Never ending political melodrama and self satisfying leaders of either sides. The unofficial or no blockade by India has severe impacts on life socially and economically. Black market is thriving. Amid chaos Lets hope soon situation will get normalise. Thanks for feedback @Trishna.


  2. Trishna says:

    hmm,,,,we are in such an intricate phase and we the people arnt being able to do anything other than being sufferers. Hoping that rays of positive change will glare up in Nepal soon with sustainable solution. Anyway Nice post Bipin!! Keep it up!!


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