Paaila For Education

                            10906334_860035530705129_4395455297928479714_n                       Education is backbone for development of country. Nepal is country with literacy rate of . The rural population is higher than urban population so education is only tool to abridge this gap. Education is considered one of most important infrastructure for development so annually largest portion of our budget is separated on education. Despite huge expenditure we are not able to achieve target as presumed by national planning commission. We have booming eduction business in cities but we are not able to address actual challenge on educational reform to touch life’s of people in remote Nepal. The traditional approach of teaching, learning, evaluating of students are also often questioned and discussed. There are still chaos in eduction system which need immediate address from major stake holder.

                      Education is regarded as basic fundamental and guaranteed right of people. Nepal government has got helping hand to decentralize its educational plans and policy at local levels. There are several organization trying to help for enriching education for people. Among cluster of education for all projects “Paaila for Educationdistinguishes itself as pioneering and cent percent dedicated for education. This is fine example of how Information, Communication and Technology can touch and transform life of people. Paaila for education merely started with use of ICT for education, pilot funded by U.S Embassy in Nepal and facilitated by Yuwa Nepal and FNCCI. The success story made by Paaile are mind boggling.

               The outcomes of Paaila are beyond comprehension. The foot prints of Paaila can be seen in various urban and rural Nepal. Through pretty interactive website donors, corporate sector, Industries with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are directly linked up to need oriented educational institutions, schools and clubs. Most wonderful aspects of Paaila is it helps in direct connection of helpers to help seekers. There is no operation cost and hidden economic handling its benchmark for non and not for profit organization.

                   We (Bipin Karki & Bishnu Parajuli) were glad to represent Paaila for Education in Youth Mela organized by Yuwa on occasion of World Youth Day at Nepal Administrative Campus, Pulchowk. The congregation of youths came to know about Paaila initiative, how they can contribute for education, who were behind Paaila force, education status in rural & urban Nepal, success and life transforming story of Paaila at ground zero, past project flashback and future vision of Paaila. Really it was hectic day indeed full with rush, information exchange, listening and saying but worth to be there. It was amazing to chit chat with young, energetic and passionate youths who are desperate to bring changes within self and country. The experience can hardly be expressed but it was glad to see so much charged and motivated youth who are looking forward to really make Naya Nepal. There were lots of positive vibes and inspiration reflected among youth which is really a good sign.

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                     If you care about education, believe education can really bring development in country and want to add more Paaila with Paaila for education. Then you can directly and indirectly support Paaila team. A small effort of yours can bring a wave of changes in other parts of Nepal. Not every person is privilege to have education. If you are wondering how to celebrate success then separate small chunk of your budget and help a rural school to illuminate life’s of children. Help can come in any form a day volunteer to help for re-construction of school will give you chance to get know rural life and bring educational infrastructure on other. Helping to subscribe newspaper for rural school or you can add your innovative approach to spread education. Its best time to sow seed of education now so future generation can reap a good harvest.

            Lets realize this: “Education is most powerful weapon which you can use to change” – Nelson Mandela


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