All we need is of Rule of Law


              Any ruling system of country is peculiar to other country. The exact copy of one system cannot be applied on other countries. Nepal is unique country in itself we do not need to prove this often. We have jingoistic nationalist citizen but lack visionary leaders to rule country. We are popular for doing politics for party and self rather than for country betterment. We do not hesitate to occupy same ministership for more than enough time. We claim all good deeds on our bag and political wing. We cautiously blame other party for wrong doing. We do not have enough moral to claim our faults, always there are someone to blame for it. We produce various experts and workforce who contribute for development of other countries but not ours one. We do not have healthy environment for youth to make change if there is its tedious full with beaurocratic hurdles. The option is clear for youths if you have skills and expertise that has to get value within country or beyond country. Globalization is erasing national boundary people work and study crossing terriorty where there is stability or government that supports business venture and economic activities.

                              The political instability has engulfed Nepal since long time after Rana regime. The people were suppressed but still country was progressing in long run. Obviously I am not with autocratic or dictatorship. But whats meaning of democracy if there is no country’s development and progress. That does not mean we have to go to bygone time. The country has already seen enough bloodshed and destruction in the name of change of governing system. There are lots of expert lets use their expertise we cannot just copy system from foreign country and replicate it here. The challenge for us is to design which is just best fit for us. Lets not try to make our country Paris or Singapore. Lets stop such rhetoric talks we are unique lets set example how innovative and creative we are. We need to prove that we are self capable to design our constitutions and include diverse voice.

                                   There should not be any opposition if we make federal states in Nepal. The country sizes and population things are shallow countries with small area and also large area have significantly done good with federalism. The question is how can we make something which is best fir for us. The federal states should be divided on basis of decentralization and empowerment. The division should be irrespective of caste, creed, ethnicity and religion. How much diverse we are geographically, socially, economically, culturally, religiously, ethnically, we must realize that before its too late. The EK Madesh EK Pradesh rhetoric should be left. Nepal is equally of people of Mountains, Hill and Terai. We should promote nationalism as a whole united Nepal.

                                 We need to address voice of people from different sector. The unilateral decision and party politics should not impede promulgation of constitutions. Meantime we should not think constitutions is only solution of everything but we need to take as initial phase for change. We are lagging behind in reconstruction phase after massive earthquake. We won trust from donors but we are showing same notions Nepali are known best for speaking not for doing. There has been no news of out comes of investment of Prime Minister relief fund. The road is full of hurdles but still journey has to be made by holistic approach from civil society, politician, technical experts, policy makers, and others sector of Nepal.


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