Micro-Journalism is not an option but necessity for Nepal. Nepal is ethnically, culturally, socially as much diverse as geographically. It is troublesome and hectic for mainstream media  to provide coverage for every nook and corner of country. Again comes question of credibility, bias and funded reporting which hinders right to information of people. So, micro-journalism from grass-root level can only provide genuine solution to impart true and accurate information. Micro-Journalism in layman term is news or information by the people for the people. The source of news or information may be from events you participated, issues prevalent in society, problems and solution existing your next door, recognition for contribution or any which has power to bring impact on society. The source can be diverse sharing a positive story for motivation to reporting negative deeds to right authority.




                        The need of micro-journalism has been realized by Sano Sansar Initiative as YOUNG JOURNALIST. Sano Sansar Initiative is a NGO promoting children and youth action towards environmental and sustainable lifestyle for a welfare of society.This was first ever national youth conference on micro-journalism. The credit goes for Sagar & Jon for their initiation and for whole Sano Sansar team. Literally they have defied Sano (small) by going big actually “ Acting Local Thinking Global”. The diverse participation of sixty-four young individual from thirty-two district made conference an assimilation point of multiple ideas and experience. The interactive sessions of presentation from expert representatives of ICIMOD, UNESCO, UNGC and national media gave us insight what actually micro-journalism is. The main theme was to integrate collective expertise on education, environment conservation, sustainable development and community health with micro-journalism allowing young individuals to become role models of community. Sano Sansar Initiative will provide online platform to circulate articles and actions to respective government entities and private stake holders to collaborate with community in resolving existent issues.

                   The three-day conference from 23rd to 25th July 2015 brought significant changes on sixty-four individuals aspiring to be young journalist not only on thought and views but in approach. Young people learnt about journalistic writing, journalistic ethics, mediation through which we are able to responsibly report local issues and help in problem solving by collaborating with other member of community. The conference helped to build a strong network of like and right-minded people who will collectively work to bring changes on community.

Presentation and Discussion

Day 1

                                    ♦ Information & Welcome Sessions by Sagar & Jon








            ♦Importance of Youth Networking & Social Media by Utsav Maden (ICIMOD)



Sharing Youth ideas and experience by Sanjay Kafle (Activist, Agriculture, Env. Education)♦Sharing Youth Ideas and Experience by Sanjay Kafle (Activist, Agriculture, Env. Education)


♦ Freedom of Expression and Safety of Media Workers by Prof. Laxman Datt Pant (KU/UNESCO)


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Development by Nabina Shrestha(UNGC)

♦Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) and development by Nabina Shrestha (UNGC)




Day 2 

Day 2 

Day 2 

Day 2

♦Importance of Journalism (Micro journalism as a tool for national development) by Narayan Wagle (Author,


Writing in journalism by Rama Krishna Regmi 

♦ Writing in Journalism by Rama Krishna Regmi


Focusing on aspects of news or “areas” on writing by RK dhitial (Journalist)

♦Focusing on aspects of news or “areas” on Writing by RK Dhital (Journalist)

11745853_1079225972104811_6452053872060016512_n 11745434_1078252805535461_7252891301287095952_n-2


♦ Ram Prasad Neupane (Secretariat Chief of Mediation Council)

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Day 3 

day 3

day 3

day 3 

Day 3

♦ Explanation of World Cafe Format by Sagar & Jon


♦ World Cafe Discussion by dividing into several groups about topics of contemporary issues of development, promotion, impacts, challenges, process of micro-journalism

11012035_1079214742105934_4889184704551003636_n 11053933_1079216352105773_4239555881886430916_n 11703378_1079216198772455_2884959586661501215_n 11745630_1079214775439264_918078346913125304_n 11745833_1079216635439078_6450804130349169811_n 11752561_1079216222105786_6722796442892007795_n 11796182_1079214275439314_2982025444974051306_n

♦Presentation of outcomes from discussion 

11753745_1079221052105303_3480771225245233833_n 10407792_1079222378771837_6667912744955941836_n 11695785_1079223442105064_1110093332709828669_n 11696016_1079222652105143_3762498407806899665_n 11705123_1079222078771867_2424329492629585908_n 11800224_1079224432104965_4718610558470730593_n 11800433_1079225158771559_2461366866901563313_n

♦ Plenary Presentation & questions to presenter


♦ Closing Ceremony

                                Personally and collectively speaking about our experience it was really awesome gathering of multi dimensional people who actually want to bring change on community. These individuals were not only change seeker but also change maker. As far my knowledge we are team who thinks writing and sharing not only provides people basic right to information but can bring change in community. Change is very hard to bring, it requires great courage and motivation for passing threshold point. This conference triggered our ego that change has to start from self and helped us to move above our comfort level. Before conference also we were trying to do something for change but we were too busy with our chores. We had vision but were deprived of direction, platform and team with right approach for writing and sharing. The conference guided, directed, supervised, influenced, ushered, instructed and steered our curiosity on right platform. Sano Sansar provided opportunity not only for learning about micro-journalism but platform where voice of voiceless gets heard.This is equally as opportunity as challenge for participant to fulfill their commitment to be well worth of being called “YOUNG JOURNALIST”. A wonderful opportunity and a moral responsibility awaits us ahead for which all of us are ready to go hand in hand.

Young Journalist with Sano Sanar Initiative Team

                                                             Young Journalist with Sano Sanar Initiative Team

                 Thank you for Sano Sansar Initiative for selecting me as part of Young Journalist and organizing conference on Micro-Journalism. And British college for providing cosy hall for conference.

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