Light of Hope: Nepal Earthquake Relief Program

Part 2: Solar Power Training and Distribution at Nuwakot11755164_1026813984004988_8875399286803849298_n

             The climate was cool and calm. Not a typical day of monsoon either with scorching sun nor with downpour. We were enthusiastically packing resources for distribution by gathering at 6:00 a.m in RAN building with team of energetic and motivated trainers. Those who were determined to deliver training and distribution of panel in Nuwakot. After arduous ride of micro bus we reached Nuwakot. The village was almost converted into ruined by earthquake leaving people desperate for daily needs. Most of people had temporary shelter and trying to normalize daily activities. The local distribution partner of Light of Hope had already determined location of training and points of distribution.

11758791_10200644261544285_656225600_n 11758968_10200644262184301_1309952078_n

          People were informed before hand about d-day so we could feel curiosity and eagerness on their face to know presence of us. The event was scheduled to be conducted in school premises. The building was full of cracks still we could see the student of graduate level reading tuitions from teacher. Infrequent electric supply and broken structure of house had completely jeopardize education of students. Our light of hope was counter for this infrequent electric supply.

11694992_497120800463614_310913530719900205_n 11760046_497080743800953_6066596152498373677_n

                          The training session was to clear basics about solar technology, use, repair and durability. The first sessions was about technology aspects followed by business potential on solar technology. The solar power was distributed on two location. The first was school where we conducted training and distribution for representative of four V.D.C’s (Raluga, Kharanitar, Sundaradevi and Thaprek )and remaining was supposed to be distributed at Samundratar & Betini V.D.Cs. Actually plan was to go along people who come from various V.D.Cs and demonstrate them in their own V.D.Cs but due to limited time we were unable to as planned.

11108751_497121083796919_2875710027834453279_n 11742754_497117657130595_6686954690172216762_n

            The uphill, mud lagged, landslides made our journey to halt at various location. Even we had to walk few distance with heavy solar panel systems on our shoulder to reach distribution point. It was hell of experience and amazing journey to be on field and change life of people how subtle it may be.

           For me personally as engineer this was first humanitarian effort done on personal level. The credit goes to Bikash Gurung (Project Co-Ordinator of Light of Hope ) and Ghampower Technology who made us able trainer about solar systems, RAN for providing platform to nurture budding engineer to add and utilize our talent and skill. Last but not least kudos to efforts for our local distribution partner Lamichne Partisthan for providing local ground for making training and distribution effective by gathering needy and affected people.


                                                                  Team for Training and Distribution


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