Light of Hope: Technical Aspects of Solar Technology


Introduction to Solar P.V

– Solar P.V is used to harness power from sun by collecting photon by silicon panel

– Initial cost for installation is high but long-term return & subsidy will lessen cost

– Easy to install, repair and maintain system

– Remote location and tribal region can get access to light and mobile charging

– Community approach will significantly reduce cost of installation and repair cost

– Eco Friendly and clean energy system of power generation

Components of Solar P.V


∗Solar Panel: It collects photon from rays striking from sun via silicon panel with doping of phosphorous.

∗Charge Controller: It is central connection of system with all supply coming to it from panel, battery, load.

∗Battery: Helps in storage of charge and provides power to load.

∗Load: Electric bulb or any electric appliances

∗Inverter: It helps to convert a.c to d.c and vice versa. Especially used in hybrid system or to operate a.c appliances.

Installation of Solar P.V


Solar Panel is installed on roof tops or areas where there is plenty of sunshine facing north to south direction at angle of 30 degree.

Charge Controller(CC) is central system in which connection from panel, battery and load comes which help to maintain safety of system it is also provided with fuse.

Battery is most important system which is connected to CC. The battery should not be completely drained and excessive use should be avoided.

Load is connected to CC from where supply is taken to electric appliances like bulb, t.v, freeze and other accessories.

Inverter is used to convert a.c to d.c and vice versa in hybrid system or to run a.c appliances from d.c power output. It is connected after load of CC.

Repair and Maintenance

Solar panel has long life so does not require much care except cleaning of panel and preventing it from dust & dirt.

Battery should be given special care it should be kept in proper ventilated area. There should not be direct connection from battery to load. In case of acid battery we should check amount of acid and fill with distill water in later stage. The user must be provided with knowledge about depth of discharge and limit up to which we can use battery.

Charge Controller is provided with fuse for safety we need to make sure that all connection is to be made from panel, battery and load.

Solar Business in Rural Areas

Types of Solar Business in Nepal

– Solar as Trading Business

– Solar as Commodity Business

– Solar as Energy Service Provider

Solar as Trading Business

– This is simply done by buying in bulk of solar materials and selling them in market directly to clients or local solar firms.

– Unreliable form of solar business rising in Nepal

– Requires high budget and investment for starting business

– Purely money oriented system of solar business

Solar as Energy Service Provider

Here solar company owns every components and provides solar as only service to people.

∗Micro Grids

– ABC (Anchor Business Consumer)

There has to be Anchor who needs 24 hrs supply like telecom tower and chilling Vats. Some Business potential like photocopy operator, hand tools user, freeze user as business model. Finally consumers clustered around installation. The tariffs will be different for different level of users.


∗Nano Grids

This is purely d.c system which best provides service within range of 100m. It is suitable if there is 20-30 house in cluster. The energy service provider will look after installation and consumer will pay regular tariffs of use.


∗Productive End Use

The service provider will install system and provide business oriented system like freeze, saw mills, grinding mills for which client will pay downpayment and monthly tariffs.


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