Hope of Light : A vision to lighten Rural Nepal

Part 1 

       Training Session about Solar installation, maintenance, sustainability and developing solar entrepreneurship


           RAN (Robotics Association of Nepal) organized two-day training program on solar installation, maintenance, sustainability and developing of solar entrepreneurship. The program motive was to train trainers who could go to remote village of Nuwakot and Dailekh to train local people and distribute solar panels with mobile charging system and LED lights. On first phase RAN was supported by gham power as training facilitator for trainees.

            The training was given by experts of gham power technology Pvt. Limited. The following topics were discussed on that day one.

– Overview of energy scenario in Nepal

– Solar Technology status in World and Nepal

– Design and calculation of Solar Capacity according to load

– Hands on learning about components of Solar Technology

           – Solar Panel

           – Charge Controller

           – Battery

            – Inverter

– Repair and Maintenance

– Connection of 20 W Solar Panel system with charge controller, battery and load

     The next day was about how can we develop and promote solar business in rural areas. The topics discussed on solar technology.

– Solar Business in Nepal

– Trading Business

– Solar as Commodity

– Solar as Energy Service Provider

– Business Co-ordination and challenges faced on rural area

                The training was effective and hands on learning made our concept clear. It provided enough knowledge and confidence for us to be able enough for becoming trainer.

Brief Description about Organisation:

RAN (Robotics Association of Nepal)

Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN) is the only national-level non-profit association that provides an outstanding platform for students and enthusiasts all over Nepal and established to promote, educate, explore, and compete in the field of robotics.
Robotics Association of Nepal has not only being conducting the workshops, training, seminars and competitions but is under the constant procedure of research and development which is believed to be increasing the level of association itself and giving them the fresh outputs to be spread to the fellow students. Research and development has been a keen subject for the association from the time of its origin, different subjects like surveillance systems, power management systems, automation, robotics, embedded systems etc has been the chief areas for the research.




Gham Power Technology Pvt. Ltd.





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