Beyond Black : An artist will to paint the canvass black


            Color gives sense to life. Can you imagine how dull would be life without presence of color. Color is not only part of professionalism or reflection of feelings emotion understanding on canvass by painter but individualism.We can judge personality of person by choice of colors s/he uses. There are myriad of colors whose visualization can be done if we really see beyond horizon of imagination.`

                If we talk about preference of my choice of color on canvas then it would be black. Many would surprise to hear as black in general conception is often considered as reflector of dark or evil side of life. Black is synonymous to fear and hatred of any individual.In life true winner are those who wins themselves rather than others. Ego centrism is major problem these days, I am good and my deeds are greater than others, I am the centre of world.My painting would be painted black not for reason I am in love with dark side of life but as a message we can overcome evil or dark oneself.

               There is no shortcut in life if there is it won’t last to achieve long-term happiness or success. Although you may be able to run away from hatred or evil but there is no permanent escape except collecting guts and facing it. what does not kills you makes  you stronger. Its better to conquer fear rather to cultivate and ripe it. You never become wise and old if you were not young and wild.

                Black has been myth for us. We are chasing imaginary ladder of wisdom without realizing that evil resides underside our bed. We are running from our paradigm and nurturing fear of darkness. But as white is not entirely white so is black not completely black. There is light hidden within just we need courage and will power to channelized it. we can’t always keep speaking if we can’t act our progress is void. So I want to channelized black as warrior of color but no worrier. We ran like coward away from dark now its time to engulf black within ourself and show vision to mission. Every black has demon but every demon has little left goodness I want to portrait that through my color in canvas. Every one has dark side but always within dark there is hope with hope there is progress for attainment of self-respect and humanity.

             Thus black remains only black if we perceive it as black. Anyone can see good on good but it requires brilliance to see good on bad, opportunity on loss, hope on tragedy, love on hatred,belief on future.



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