With every rise of sun hope arises from corner of heart. Food for hungry person, medicine for sick, help for helpless, light for darkness finally a reason to live. The popular quote from movie Shawank Redemption hits my mind ” Hope is good things probably best things and No good things dies ever”. Life is full of surprises no one knows what it gonna bring tomorrow. It may be better or bitter. Tough situation never last long as tough people do. So ask question Why Hope? Definitely I am not implying just keep hoping to turn coin upside down. But take hope as inspiration to build character in individual. Do not be depressed over things which you do not have control and take lead of things which you can how minor it might be. You need to get worn out rather get rust.

                      Go out eat things you never wanted to taste, feel fear, do something which you planned but was never able to do. Never judge other by what they look or speak about cause to do so you need to walk mile on their shoe.The only person you can judge is yourself. In every stage of life do not repellent others surely life is unfair  but fair can share fairness to unfair.The biggest treasure in life is happiness do or motivate someone by brining laugh (smile) on their face. Thats greatest beauty therapy for person. Life does not go as planned that does not mean you should not plan but its ok if plan does not work sometime. People like to see you progress to  level of themself not more than that so if anyone is envying you means you are doing progress. The main motto should be being better person today rather you were yesterday. Good things take time to occur so get motivated and keep persistance.Do not lose hope on self and humanity. If you face some bad people who do not means the world is filled with corrupt and pathetic people. Just take time to find right people. No matter what you do not lose hope. Good things come for people who keep their hope alive.


Date: 29/04/2015



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