A day with Future Maker’s Nepal at Cafe Amu


                                                                       Talks on Citizen Journalism

         The day 20/06/2015 was not only just a day of 24 hours for me but an extraordinary day for writer inside me. I love writing although I am not any grandmaster with words. Those people who write always fascinate and attract me. I aspire to meet such person who bring master piece with words. The day was very day which brought me in contact with amazing thirty writers by Future Makers Nepal. Probably this was first encounter of mine with right and like-minded people who are passionate about writing and story telling.

The sessions were proportionality divided starting with

1.Introduction to citizen journalism

2. Separate Discussion

Fiction Writing

Group Discussion (Topic: How Writing is helpful for Earthquake?)

3.Citizen Journalism in Nepal

Rise Nepal


4. Narrative Story of Earthquake

            I got chance to get knowledge about citizen journalism on which I am really novice. The main theme so far I understood about citizen journalism is journalism by the people for the people. The group discussion lead by Depti Sherchan was full of great arguments and logical reasoning coming from participants. Although most of us supported writing is helpful for earthquake but we could not come to conclusion as a whole. But I really enjoyed to share my thoughts and view on topic.

        I forgot to mention about continuous supply of yummy snacks, fruits and juice kept our tummy full. Hunger was no longer throughout day and this is what all participants share.

Participants in Group Discussion

                                                                    Participants in Group Discussion

         The second session started with documentary show by Rise Nepal. Really courage and initiative shown by them for relief and re-construction was praise worthy. There was general discussion on how rise Nepal adopted citizen journalism with their documentation of Gorkha-Nepal earthquake 2015. The next speaker was from Record.org probably only platform where citizen journalism purely exist in Nepal. It was inspiring to hear journey made by him through independent journalism. The up’s and down’s faced by him to bring actual news from grass root to mass people.

            The last but not least was narrative story of earthquake. We started to write our narration about earthquake with shades of guidance from Future Makers Nepal team. The ideas and suggestion really brought best of me to write about “ Frugal Innovation and Energy Optimization for Re-construction of Nepal”. The day ended well with writers sharing their stories which were fusion of diverse topic in single platform.

     The atmosphere of cafe Amu, hospitality and food made really an awesome day worthwhile to end weekend in most fascinating way. Cheers!

Thank you for Future Makers Nepal & Edge Ryders for providing opportunities for participation.

For upcoming Challenges form Future Makers Nepal  Visit:





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