Homeless within Home; A plight for people of Langtang 

        Langatang Valley before and after earthquake

                                                              Langtang Valley before and after earthquake

      Earthquake not only shook them but triggered avalanche of record high since 80 years to swipe them away. This is tragedy and trauma that people of Langtang are facing. Langtang is vibrant (one of the 3rd best trekking route for tourist after Annapurna and Mount Everest region) and nearest high distance trekking route from Kathmandu. Langtang is one of most affected region after avalanche wiped out whole human habitat area. It is one of VDC among 18 VDC’s with 116 houses and population of about 500.

     The snow triggered flood was so intense and powerful that it blew away houses, trees along with people and live stocks within few second of earthquake. The traditional design of houses also acted to take more lives as house are basically made of dry walls, two-storied building where lower floor for yak and sheep and upper floor for human habitation. The roof is also covered by stone supported by woods. The support less buildings collapsed killing and trapping even more people. So far death tool reached above 128 and many are missing. The whole village was evacuated and currently taking shelter on yellow Gumba in periphery of Swayambhu.

Discussion about Re-construction of Langatang with people's from Langtang

                               Discussion about Re-construction of Langtang with people’s from Langtang

        I have recently met Ngawang Dorje (from Langtang Youth Club) a very energetic and enthusiastic young fella, who has lost most of his family member but still continues to work for re-construction and re-habitation ofLangtang. He had recently appeared S.L.C exams and good news despite odds he graduated with distinction. I saw energy, zeal and dream of his to do whatever so his people can bounce back to normal life.

        The journey from high Himalayan region of (Canzing 3980m) to Kathmandu has not been easy for them. They are finding difficult to adjust in climate of valley. So, far except evacuation they have received 0% help from government authority (as mentioned by). The tussle between central government relief and district relief authority has stranded reliefs for them. They were hugely supported by monastery andGumba community, NGO’s, INGO’s except own their guardian government.

         The people currently taking shelter on yellow Gumba from Langtang are feeling refugee and homeless within home. The government wants them to settle around one specific location but tourism is only their source of income so they are demanding to be re-located on four-five specific area around up and down trekking route. How can they earn and survive in cluster as their homes are lodges and hotels for tourist.

        The government decision to give NRs. 9000 as relief is quite ridiculous. The zinc sheets cost of NRs. 15000 cost NRs. 25000 and cement of NRs. 700 cost NRs. 3500. So when government carries such re-building operation policy should be localized and local participation has to be most. Langtang is unsafe right now as there is ruptures of land high chances of landslides are there. But things will get normalize soon after October. After monsoon only tourism is last hope to sustain life over these region for local people. They do not want to depend only on relief and supports but want to lead their own life.

          The main agony is national and international media portraying Langtang as ruins and debris. Langtang is not only single village but beyond it. The corporate media hovered through helicopter over affected zone and represented desertification of Langtang. Obviously there has been destruction but not as much as that we are viewing in media.

        The Langtang management committees along with Langtang Youth Club are planning to make similar and alike houses, elderly homes, community house, and stupas as part of re-construction. Anyone willing to help economically and voluntarily is welcomed by people of Langtang.

Citation: The data’s and facts are provided by on Martin Chautari Discussion. Further peoples of Langtang can be contacted at Yellow Gumba Swayambhu.

Contact Details: Dawa Nurpu Tamang 9741308510 dawa.langtang@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “Homeless within Home; A plight for people of Langtang 

  1. Michael Tandy says:

    I’d be interested in helping, I’ve been building houses for over thirty years. As I mentioned somewhere before the structure of Langtang new hospital was interesting; traditional in style, with one important difference a steel reinforced ring beam running right around the building at head of frame height, It would be interesting to hear from the guy who designed that.

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    • Lots of creativity and amazing ideas are coming up for earthquake resistance houses from grass roots levels. Langtang region is worst hit area with difficult terrain for carrying resources. The monsoon has already begun with heavy downpour risk of landslides is increasing despite people are working hard to re-shettle. I will let you know as updates comes from about construction and building of structures. Please do share us your expertise as u seem to have significant experience in building houses.


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